We hereby present you the Unity Operators, an artist collective that is acting world wide with the task of improving relations between people.

We are leaving our caves and the lone fight as the boundaries of the ego are only to be burst open when all work together.

Guides allow society to see the possibility of finding a solution by itself. The lacks in society are everybody’s concern, and only together can we walk the path of a different thinking pattern and world view. As soon as we become aware of the multidimensional connections and learn how to use them in a positive way, only then will we be able to reveal a new qualitative level of feelings and understanding.

We see ourselves as guides, and guides neither invent anything new nor do they dictate solutions.

Long enough have we been looking at quantity as being the most important thing in life, now we are looking for quality—quality in making each other happy, to be for one another and to beat singularity and loneliness. Every possibly known and unknown tool is used, to restore joy and unity. Ideas are always welcome— who will be the next unity operator?