The Unityoperators are happy to invite you to the Show „Tales of 2 Cities“
We thank the International Participants of our video project “freedom”.


Tuesday, 20 of January 2015 @ 6:30 pm
Museum Judenplatz (Jewish Museum Vienna)
Judenplatz 8, 1010 Vienna

Excerpt from an Interview between Curator Astrid Peterle & Zenita Komad & The Unity Operators:

AP: Can art today (still) be political? What role can art play in a critical approach to the political events of our time?

ZKTUO: The current state of the world is extremely worrying for all of us. The media are full of negativity. Every day we are confronted by disputes, differences, and discord. Nature batters us to show us that we cannot go on like this. The time has come for drastic changes, and we are convinced that artists should play an important role in this regard. In overcoming our difficulties, the realization that when we hurt others we are also hurting ourselves will logically lead to an acceptance of the need for mutual aid and a rejection of selfish actions. The Unity Operators are devoted to creating this awareness and offering practical tools. (...)

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english version

“Love Your Enemies”
Zenita Komad and the Unity Operators

“Tales of 2 Cities”, Exhibition at MMOMA, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Russia
Opening: 15 September, 7pm
Exhibition: 16.9.–5.10.2014

The installation “Love Your Enemies” focuses on the concept of freedom. The film consists of interviews that Zenita Komad conducted in cooperation with Unity Operators all over the world. It shows what people understand by freedom, how they value freedom within a group, and what personal changes are required to achieve freedom. It was inspired by the photo “Enemies of the People.” Komad places her own portrait among the deleted faces of the “enemies.” This action and the letter from the artist group to visitors communicate the message that we must learn to respect our “enemies” and that change in the world can occur only through change within ourselves. The installation is thus a call to act, to develop respect for others by questioning ourselves.

Zenita Komad lives and works in Vienna. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and the University of Applied Art in Vienna. Numerous national and international exhibitions; represented in collections worldwide. Courtesy of Galerie Krinzinger. Further information:

What is freedom for you?

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